Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Word-A-Day Wednesday

I can't begrudge anyone their success. That said, I can still wish for my own, and--deep down inside--imagine what it must be like to wake up in the morning and be J K Rowling, or Stephanie Meyer, or Diana Gabaldon. 
Here's a little quiz, of the matching variety:

1. "It seems I've been inexorably thrust from my erotic dream and into the clamor of a quartet of barking doggies."
2. "Boys, give Mommy a minute and I'll prepare you some pancakes," she said, sleepily yet happily.
3. "I think I'm in the mood to buy a castle, today. Or maybe two."

A. J K Rowling
B. Stephanie Meyer
C. Diana Gabaldon

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Prompt Me

I've been thinking about prompts today. Writing prompts, it started out, and then I thought about sketching prompts. Can the same prompt be used, interchangeably, for either?

So, to brainstorm...

Front page of newspaper, close eyes, point to a word?
...or picture?
Front word in main headline?
Click on TV/Radio, first word heard?
Working through the alphabet, word or sketch subject with letter of the day?
Or search online for some kind of word-of-the-day site. 

WELL, ok. I just subscribed to A.WORD.A.DAY. Let the fun begin.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Art and Work and Artwork

Here's my dining room table, covered with materials that I am working with and on to put together the application to send to the State Department of Education, in order to get our Studio in Crafts class approved to count as part of a Regents Diploma sequence. Paperwork, blech! So I keep walking away from the table and toward the back porch, where I'm working on...
sketching a tree in the yard. 
Sketching, that is, when I'm able to pass through the 
kitchen without pausing to snag something to eat. 
Ah, procrastination.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thank you, Thank you.

Thanks to everyone who's downloaded Kismet. Takes the sting out of turning a year older, knowing that there's some interest! I hope the book's providing more moments of mirth than bouts of disgust--I can't not smile when I say "Second Lieutenant Wesley Bennett." 
And smiling about SLWB puts me in a pleasant mood, and I shall wrap myself in this pleasant mood while I:
-- Delight in this afternoon's luscious warmth;
-- Enjoy dinner with Handsome (who's cooking) and Offspring XY Physicist;
-- Meet Offspring XX Scholar for play rehearsal (DRESS rehearsal);
-- Draw trees. Really.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Happy Birthday Present for You

In honor of my birthday, I've listed Kismet on Amazon for FREE through the end of the day (March 21st.) So if you have a Kindle, or if you read books on your computer with "Kindle for PC," download your birthday present. Free Kismet download

Have fun reading, and feel free to comment, here or at 
Suzy Dot Frisbee at Gee Mail Dot Com.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

KISMET: the novel, is UP ON AMAZON

Yes! I'm now trying to figure out the way to get it into readers' hands for FREE for a couple of days! 
Kismet, by Suzy Frisbee, on

A Race Against Time!

I am trying so hard to get my latest fun, historical-yet-chick-litish novel formatted correctly so that I can upload it to the Amazon Marketplace. It is causing strife. I am following the directions that were oh, so nicely shared by Nina of the Low Country Romance Writers, but every single step of the way is proving difficult. And I can't understand why it's giving me so much trouble.'s the tentative cover, a detail of a John Singer Sargent sketch of Nettie Huxley. She looks like my protagonist, a bit uncomfortable, yet somewhat resigned to her present situation, knowing that tomorrow will be another day that she can once again try to get done what needs to get done. (To save a bunch of people who are marked for murder!)

Tomorrow would be another day for me to try to get this formatting/uploading done, but I'm so far behind in the online class, and as of tomorrow, the coach won't be available!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eleanor, Elective Day, and Energy

Make that LOW energy. I think I need a bottle of Iron. Or maybe half a cow.
But maybe an older cow than this guy.

The first point on my "Thousand Points of Womanly Wisdom Tour" is: Ingest Nutrients. With Handsome away at his new job so much now, I'm afraid I've done too many yogurt dinners topped off with a sprinkle of granola instead of a side of meat. What is it that vegetarians do to get iron? Spinach? Isn't there any other option?

Less than two weeks to Eleanor: the Musical (Comedy.) Costuming still a crazy mess. 

AND tomorrow is Elective Intro Day at school, where I can sell my courses and urge the children to sit down with their guidance counselor and sign up for all kinds of visual art classes for the rest of their high school years. 

It will be good to have a couple of these Ethings off my platE.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Plot Hole More Like a Canyon

In preparing my latest novel, Kismet, for e-publication, I tightened up the spacing (had it at 1.5 for the writing, now it's to none.) And it reads differently. I don't know why.
But right there in Chapter 2, there it is: a really big inconsistency with the rest of the story. I'm going to have to pull the train wreck. Pulling the train wreck won't be so much of a problem, because I know what I'll do in place of it, but it does make me laugh a little (Inside. Way, deep inside.) 
My writing process is very seat-of-the-pants; I don't work with an outline, nor know where the story will take me, much, after I get going. Kismet started off with a kernel of an idea about a woman who is involved in a massive, modern train derailment wreck, in which everyone involved is presumed dead. I'll keep the rest to myself and maybe that will become my next book. But needless to say, beyond the train wreck in Kismet, everything warped and changed and there is no longer a need for that plot device, so as of this afternoon, it'll be gone!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Perennial Problem

Working on getting Kismet: The Novel ready for e publication. In ripping through what I was convinced was a ready-for-publication editing job series of many, I landed on a scene that--it appears--I left silly with intent to fix. Argh! Now I have fixing to do before formatting, and I'm trying to keep up with my class!!! 

But there will be no staying up all night, because I am ONCE AGAIN having a migraine. Botox was supposed to eliminate this problem. Clean living was supposed to eliminate this problem. Regular meals, regular sleep, humidifier in the bedroom...on and there nothing I can do to become healthy enough so that migraines are not a consistent problem?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It looks OK when I stand back. And squint.

But I'll keep trying. 10,000 hours....

Sloppy Saturday

Yep, the weather is sloppy and dreary beyond belief. Which makes it a great day to get things done in the house: blah, blah, mundane, but DRAWING AND WRITING, too. 

Pencil drawing (or should I refer to it as "graphite rendering"?) of the cheese grater+ is coming along nicely. I will even try to photograph it and post it, when it's done. 

Kismet: the novel is halfway through one more editorial draft before I attempt to gear it up for online sale. 

I'd buy it. I'd read it. What's not to like about a historical, comedic, paranormal chick lit novel? It's got everything but elves. Well, or vampires. Dukes. Steampunk machinery. Everything, almost.