Friday, August 21, 2015

Mill on the Floss

oil paint on cloth book cover
I have no idea what this book is about.

However, the library was discarding a copy that was in extremely good shape (apparently, not too many other people in town know what it's about, either--or at least, they haven't opened this particular copy,) so I snagged it and looked up photo references to nail down the era and the possible look of a possible character.

I hope it's not a book without a female protagonist!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

In-Progress Project and Ongoing Aaargh!

Mill on the Floss  and sketch
 I've picked up another couple of library-discard-literature-type books to spruce up with new covers. Mill on the Floss is going to have this Mid-Nineteenth Century miss, as soon as I transfer my drawing to the cover and get at it with oil paints. Because I ENJOY painting portraits. A person's head is right there, a solid mass with planes and differences in value and it's expressive and interesting and...

..then there are trees. Landscapes, that is. Which I find impossibly difficult.

plein air madness
Here's my plein air attempted sketch from last weekend, done while Ron was doing a "woods walk" with some other "master foresters." It's actually the first plein air that I'm sort of, kind of, almost liking!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sunday, August 9, 2015

WIP Watercolor Portrait

A woman at the weirdly bald stage of the painting. 

I'll try to restrain my fussy fingers from touching much of this already painted skin as I go back to work on 
her hair and eyes and mouth. 
She's not a bad looking baldie. 

Or she wouldn't be, if she had eyes!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Is That a Donut on Your Head?

9" x 12" -ish watercolor from old family photo

I revamped my watercolor palette today. Added a couple of colors--86ed a couple more. Maud, here, was done right before my last flight to the farm, though, so she's with the old palette. 

Incidentally, Maud really did (her photo does) have super tiny ears. I think that runs in my family. And now that I see her on the screen, I see that I need to contrast up the background. With new colors!

Note: Not a donut. Just a jaunty chignon.