Thursday, August 20, 2015

In-Progress Project and Ongoing Aaargh!

Mill on the Floss  and sketch
 I've picked up another couple of library-discard-literature-type books to spruce up with new covers. Mill on the Floss is going to have this Mid-Nineteenth Century miss, as soon as I transfer my drawing to the cover and get at it with oil paints. Because I ENJOY painting portraits. A person's head is right there, a solid mass with planes and differences in value and it's expressive and interesting and...

..then there are trees. Landscapes, that is. Which I find impossibly difficult.

plein air madness
Here's my plein air attempted sketch from last weekend, done while Ron was doing a "woods walk" with some other "master foresters." It's actually the first plein air that I'm sort of, kind of, almost liking!


  1. Nice! You probably read that I'd had problems with full foliaged trees. This is better than any plein air tree-scape of mine! (Most of my work is studio made) Thanks for posting it.
    I just checked your "Woe is Me" post and agree with your judgement regarding Peck and Moylan. I love Bob Moylan's work! We own one of his wide landscapes, a rich sunset. I can't quite say he's a dear friend but i've known him for years. Another of that group is very good friend, Harry Orlyk. now there is a fine plein air artist! Harry is out there every day, rain or shine (in his van when the weather is bad)) painting up a storm! He really knows color! Even tho' i'm more detailed and "hard edge" I look at HIS work for inspiration!

  2. Just an added note. I don't know what the sky looked like the day you made this painting, but Looking at the sky today (Sat) there is great contrast between sky and clouds. Sky is a gorgeous blue! I think your good clouds would show up better if you strengthened the sky, esp. toward the top. Not only would clouds show up but it would help balance the painting . The landscape greens are really strong , a stronger sky would help the composition.
    (I hope you don't mind but I can't help slipping into "teacher mode" every once in a while. You can kick me if I'm off base!)