Sunday, October 27, 2013

Owen, Completed.

watercolor on vellum, 10" x 12"

I did a little more work on Owen,
but called it Done before the real fussiness set in.

I think the most challenging part of a
portrait like this is making the jaw stand out from the neck.
It's not as if there's a line marking the interface.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Owen WIP

A little more than mid-way through this work-in-progress...
watercolor on paper, abt. 10" x 12"
...and tomorrow he turns 21!

Happy Birthday, Owen.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Reflection and Election

I was digging around in my small studio this morning, once again postulating that a few hours spent on organization would be a good thing. But since I'm about to spend the afternoon out going door-to-door with my running mates (Greenwich Town Board! Vote for Us!) I scaled back my plans. All the way back, to:

Gather recent watercolor paintings: update my portfolio.

As a predominantly 3D artist, for a number of years my "portfolio" was a few sheets of slides. Woefully outdated--slides? Does anyone still possess a slide projector? My 2D work was basically sketches and graphic design assignments from college and that was...loooong ago. Not to mention, my portfolio book was one of those leviathan zippered books that needed handles in order to be hefted around, and a large, unburdened table to open it up on.

When I gathered up the work from this past year and spread it out all over the bed, I was pleasantly surprised, and recharged for a rating session, and to remake my portfolio.
 These are some of my drawings and paintings from the past 12 months-or-so...
A dancer with the New York City Ballet

 My ruggedly handsome husband

 and historical reenactors in historical costumes!

And Cassidy, alla prima, in oil.