Thursday, February 12, 2015

Glare on that Crazy Hair!

8" x 10" oil on board, on the easel, wet, and bouncing the flash
This started out as a very, very labored-over self portrait. Issues...Oh, I have issues...and then I scraped off as much paint as I could (The painting looked much better as a ghost painting.)
I flipped the board upside down and whipped off this little portrait of Cassidy, allowing myself to be playful, using only the scraps and dabs of paint that were left on the palette. I don't know if that's a particularly good way to make color choices, but it worked for this one.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Book Cover Redesign: Knitting Made Easy

acrylic portrait, 3 1/2" x 5"
When you think about it, the covers of a hard cover book are really the same as canvas-wrapped boards. Except not archival, or white. 

I do a lot of volunteer work at the Greenwich Free Library, and one of the constant tasks is sorting through the bazillion "donated" books that people continually drop off for our monthly used book sales. Sadly, we are forced to send many, many perfectly good books (and yes, a lot of messed up, moldy, torn, woefully outdated) books to be recycled. It's impossible to keep up with the volume, otherwise.

"Recycled" usually means "sent out to be shredded into insulation," but I've found a new way to make use of some of them. Painting practice!