Friday, November 14, 2014


watercolor on paper, 10" x 15"

Actually, I've never read James Fenimore Cooper's The Deerslayer, but The Last of The Mohicans is on my bookshelf. Several copies--I collect vintage versions. I hadn't read it until after I'd read Mark Twain's essay/review, and then the classic novel read more like a comedy (which it definitely wasn't meant to be.) 

Enjoyable, nonetheless.

This post is a tribute to my man, and his favorite day of the year, bar none. The first day of Rifle Season.

Go get 'em, Deerie.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rock Climber Final

watercolor on paper, 8" x 8"
I need to paint more blue/orange compositions
(and more youthful, fresh faces.)
They make my paintbrush hand happy!

While on the topic of fresh: I'll probably post her as another example of my work on Etsy, and pull one of my staler pieces.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Rock Climber Progress Shot

watercolor on paper, 8" x 8"
On the Rocks*!
This is a progress shot--but I like where it's headed. Putting an unfinished work (or actually, one that I think is finished) on the computer screen is always a help to me. Things that looked alright on the drafting table pop right out as mistakes things that need further attention.

Some mouth adjustments, a bit of eyeball reworking, and a full head of hair ought to make this girl glow.


* The reference photo was taken by my son, on a rock climbing expedition at Minnewaska State Park Preserve in the beautiful Shawangunks (/SHON-gums/.  Really.) of Upstate New York. The "Gunks" are popular with rock climbers and throughout the summer and fall, if you look up in the right direction, you are apt to see a line of people clinging to the rock face.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Little Figurative Watercolor

watercolor on paper, about 7" x 10"
Right off the top: I painted this from someone else's photograph--which was in Yankee Magazine and is the work of Corey Hendrickson. It's wrong, I know. But it's just a study; I'm not signing it and peddling it for sale, and heck--only a couple of you ever see my work anyway, so I figure that I'm safe, even though I may be dastardly.