Monday, April 29, 2013

Progress Shot

as I left her yesterday...
OK, she has an alien ear. Klingon? Perhaps. 
And sliding a little low.

I just thought I'd record my first pass on this woman from...
North and South?...before I go in and mess her up, too much. 
At this stage, she looks nice and fresh! I don't think there will be any remedy for that brown stain on her cheek. 

At least she's not up to her knuckles in brown stain...

...that's not exactly 100% "dirt." 

This young bull's giving us the evil eye. 
Perhaps he know's why he's been penned in. 
Perhaps he's seen his buddies sporting rubber band jewelry. 
Perhaps he just doesn't like having his picture taken.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Art in a Year Lesson 3

To recap, Lesson 2's message was that, in order to be a better artist, one has to do a lot of drawing. Drawing from observation, and from one's imagination.

Lesson 3 is called "The Sense of Beauty," and it's a little more obtuse. The gist of the lesson:

Pour your emotions into your art. Without emotion, a drawing, a painting, a sculpture is just a copy and not an artwork. 

So while you copy away
(lesson 2, drawing from observation)
to develop skill, 
throw in a little emotion
(lesson 2, drawing from imagination?)!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

with a little Persuasion

that's a quote from the movie--not a testament to my longing for the Cap'n

I had intended more work on Captain Wentworth's hair, but a walk away from the desk and a set of "fresh" eyes told me:
Stop while you're ahead! 
I like the simple hair treatment. 

Lark Rise to Candle Something

sloppy, loose, watercolor fun in my sketchbook

Cassidy knows this movie and recognized the actress, but I have yet to view all of those British period dramas. The first Cranford was enough of a dose to hold me for a long time.

Except for some P&P. And with a little persuasion....

...check back tomorrow for developments....

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Portrait Practice

She's not from the Costume Drama Files, but this author, from a photograph in the Albany Times Union, was too lovely not to paint. Curly hair! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Art in a Year Lesson 2

In Lesson One, we learned that drawing is so simple that it only requires one to use common sense and one's body. Very helpful advise and I am then undoubtedly on the right path! I've always considered "common sense" one of my strong points! I was just mentioning "common sense" the other day! 

"Well, maybe I can't figure out how to download this song to my iPod, but at least I have Common Sense!" (exasperated techno-astute offspring rolls eyes and leans over the keyboard with a sigh)

Lesson Two
There are three main types of drawings: technical, scientific, and artistic. Uh-oh. Technical? Scientific? The first two rely on drawing from observation. Artistic efforts rely equally on drawing from observation, memory, and imagination.

There's another page-and-a-half of explanation, but that quote--the opening paragraph from the lesson--encapsulates in in a nutshell. Draw lots, and draw everything, and draw real things, remembered things, and made-up things. 
Not as half-baked as Lesson One. You don't get better at drawing without drawing, no matter the subject matter. It makes sense.

Now...where did I put my pencil?
And just how do I recharge my iPod?*

*Actually, I do know how to recharge my iPod. Otherwise, I'd never get through those treadmill sessions at the gym. I do, however, have some real problems with the downloading piece.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sketchbook Fun

How do you do, I am pleased that you found me here and I would like to shake your hand with my massively over-sized mitt.

 Oh, Mr Darcy! If we were only from the same adaptation I would plant a kiss right on you with my funny-looking mouth!

Kids these days.

Watercolor time travel: 
These are small (roughly 5" x 8") works from my watercolor sketchbook. Period costumes! Loose, water-splashery fun that I can enjoy in all their imperfect-ness. These are from online reference photos. I'd like to do some from life, but it's difficult to convince 
the busy forester-farmer-types that I hang out with to dress in 
ruffles, tights, and knee pants!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Learn ART in One Year!

Yes! Forget those hoity-toity university programs that want you to hand over your hard-earned life savings. That want four years of your life, and then a few for post-graduate work. That want to judge your worthiness on the basis of your portfolio. That want you to travel to where they are. That assign homework.

Here are a few excerpts from LESSON 1 (Which I suppose we are to study for a week, as there are 52 "lessons" in the book): 
What is Drawing?

The techniques of drawing are simple and easily acquired. As you shall see, they require no particular gift--they require only the application of common sense.


To draw a line or to apply color you must use a part of your body. Drawing therefore develops in you a certain amount of manual dexterity, a certain ability--in other words, a certain technique.

I hope that you are as excited as I am that 
in 52 short weeks we can LEARN ART! 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Then, I put down the brush

I had to stop painting the portrait of Gideon to do some traveling. 
Yes, it's covered in wrinkly Saran wrap. 
While there are many aspects of this portrait that scream "Finishing touches! Please smooth this transition, finesse this bit, fix this edge one way or the other, blend this," it actually does convey his personality quite nicely, so it's DONE!

Just try to envision it without the wrap.