Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Then, I put down the brush

I had to stop painting the portrait of Gideon to do some traveling. 
Yes, it's covered in wrinkly Saran wrap. 
While there are many aspects of this portrait that scream "Finishing touches! Please smooth this transition, finesse this bit, fix this edge one way or the other, blend this," it actually does convey his personality quite nicely, so it's DONE!

Just try to envision it without the wrap. 


  1. The plastic wrap left some interesting shapes and textures on the gray background--definitely, something to experiment with in the future.

  2. You've really got a good thing going with the last few portrait paintings you have posted. I think it's your best work yet from what I've seen on your blog.

  3. Thanks, Brian! I do tend to keep bouncing back to portraiture. Fantastic thing, the human face!