Monday, April 29, 2013

Progress Shot

as I left her yesterday...
OK, she has an alien ear. Klingon? Perhaps. 
And sliding a little low.

I just thought I'd record my first pass on this woman from...
North and South?...before I go in and mess her up, too much. 
At this stage, she looks nice and fresh! I don't think there will be any remedy for that brown stain on her cheek. 

At least she's not up to her knuckles in brown stain...

...that's not exactly 100% "dirt." 

This young bull's giving us the evil eye. 
Perhaps he know's why he's been penned in. 
Perhaps he's seen his buddies sporting rubber band jewelry. 
Perhaps he just doesn't like having his picture taken.


  1. Wow, your luminous colors in the watercolor progress shot posted here are really good!

    1. Thanks, Brian! I think it all has to do with leaving some untouched white.