Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wilson: Final, Plus

Wilson, 11" x 16", watercolor on paper
Been a long time since I posted one of those lessons in the "Learn Art in One Year" book, and I could learn a thing or two today, so......
Proportion: the relationship of the various elements in an object to the whole. In drawing, one should make sure that the ratio of all the dimensions and of the angles between each element are as close to the original model as possible. Practice. Observation. Measurement.
I may have condensed it a little, but that's the gist of it.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mini Detour

you're probably seeing it bigger than life-size
I'm setting out--right this instant!--to finish painting "Wilson," and we'll soon see how that goes. But the other night I took a few minutes to sketch Cassidy in my tiniest sketchbook. The tri-colour was an accident, sort of. I began the sketch with a brown Conte pencil. I decided it wasn't sharp enough after I had sketched in her eyes and the side of her face, so I sharpened it. The lead broke off. I sharpened it again, and the lead broke off@#$!^&%$!! So I switched to the Lyra Rembrandt Indian Red., and only used the Conte for her hair, which was done with the cracked-off stump and capable of no detail. 
But I like the result! Tiny sketch, sweet result.*

*And Sweetheart, I don't mean "sweet looking"!

Monday, September 16, 2013


I finally got tired of seeing the Sketchbook Soldier Guy, which I wasn't too keen on anyway. And I haven't had too much time for painting, because I'm racing to finish...painting. The House! I'm on the fourth side, and as the outdoor temperature drops, it's getting more and more imperative that I wrap it up, and quickly. My blood doesn't flow when it's cold.
Really. It's a disease. Cryoglobulinemia. (Fortunately, my case does not present itself in the way that the Wikipedia photo subject's does--in fact, my purple fingers and toes are the only visual clue. That, and the shivering when the temp dips below about 70 degrees!)
Here's Wilson...unfinished, but something new for you to view.
Sennelier watercolors on bristol vellum: a 10" x 16" work in progress

Sunday, September 1, 2013 least, to me

Here's the sketch, a little watercolor in my small sketchbook, based on a Wilson Friedman photographic portrait of a reenactor.
watercolor, about 4" x 6"
Just a quick, loose sketch, and an attempt to make him look a little lifelike with color. But as I was hitting the details, looking closely at his uniform...

...AAK! That's a swastika!*

And then I had this quite weird and unexpected "should I finish painting this guy?" moment. Was I somehow glorifying Adolf Hitler's regime, or approving the Nazis, by painting him?

Well, then I did finish painting him, but only after my moment of hesitation. It's a weird thing, how something like that can stop you dead in your tracks. I'm sure this reenactor is no more "Nazi" than I am, and he's portraying part of history so that he, and others, can learn from his portrayal--similar to the way there are reenactment regiments here near Saratoga, who portray American "Loyalists" (aka--those siding with the British during the Rev War years, who felt those battling the British were not being patriotic.)

So instead of whether or not to contine with him, I started worrying about gettig the colors in the right places.

*(Which you can barely make out because the one on his hat is teeny and the one on his jacket is at the bottom fade.)