Monday, September 16, 2013


I finally got tired of seeing the Sketchbook Soldier Guy, which I wasn't too keen on anyway. And I haven't had too much time for painting, because I'm racing to finish...painting. The House! I'm on the fourth side, and as the outdoor temperature drops, it's getting more and more imperative that I wrap it up, and quickly. My blood doesn't flow when it's cold.
Really. It's a disease. Cryoglobulinemia. (Fortunately, my case does not present itself in the way that the Wikipedia photo subject's does--in fact, my purple fingers and toes are the only visual clue. That, and the shivering when the temp dips below about 70 degrees!)
Here's Wilson...unfinished, but something new for you to view.
Sennelier watercolors on bristol vellum: a 10" x 16" work in progress

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