Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mini Detour

you're probably seeing it bigger than life-size
I'm setting out--right this instant!--to finish painting "Wilson," and we'll soon see how that goes. But the other night I took a few minutes to sketch Cassidy in my tiniest sketchbook. The tri-colour was an accident, sort of. I began the sketch with a brown Conte pencil. I decided it wasn't sharp enough after I had sketched in her eyes and the side of her face, so I sharpened it. The lead broke off. I sharpened it again, and the lead broke off@#$!^&%$!! So I switched to the Lyra Rembrandt Indian Red., and only used the Conte for her hair, which was done with the cracked-off stump and capable of no detail. 
But I like the result! Tiny sketch, sweet result.*

*And Sweetheart, I don't mean "sweet looking"!

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