Sunday, April 14, 2013

Art in a Year Lesson 2

In Lesson One, we learned that drawing is so simple that it only requires one to use common sense and one's body. Very helpful advise and I am then undoubtedly on the right path! I've always considered "common sense" one of my strong points! I was just mentioning "common sense" the other day! 

"Well, maybe I can't figure out how to download this song to my iPod, but at least I have Common Sense!" (exasperated techno-astute offspring rolls eyes and leans over the keyboard with a sigh)

Lesson Two
There are three main types of drawings: technical, scientific, and artistic. Uh-oh. Technical? Scientific? The first two rely on drawing from observation. Artistic efforts rely equally on drawing from observation, memory, and imagination.

There's another page-and-a-half of explanation, but that quote--the opening paragraph from the lesson--encapsulates in in a nutshell. Draw lots, and draw everything, and draw real things, remembered things, and made-up things. 
Not as half-baked as Lesson One. You don't get better at drawing without drawing, no matter the subject matter. It makes sense.

Now...where did I put my pencil?
And just how do I recharge my iPod?*

*Actually, I do know how to recharge my iPod. Otherwise, I'd never get through those treadmill sessions at the gym. I do, however, have some real problems with the downloading piece.

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