Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Eleanor, Elective Day, and Energy

Make that LOW energy. I think I need a bottle of Iron. Or maybe half a cow.
But maybe an older cow than this guy.

The first point on my "Thousand Points of Womanly Wisdom Tour" is: Ingest Nutrients. With Handsome away at his new job so much now, I'm afraid I've done too many yogurt dinners topped off with a sprinkle of granola instead of a side of meat. What is it that vegetarians do to get iron? Spinach? Isn't there any other option?

Less than two weeks to Eleanor: the Musical (Comedy.) Costuming still a crazy mess. 

AND tomorrow is Elective Intro Day at school, where I can sell my courses and urge the children to sit down with their guidance counselor and sign up for all kinds of visual art classes for the rest of their high school years. 

It will be good to have a couple of these Ethings off my platE.

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  1. Aw! Is that a calf from the farm? I saw a fairly youngish-looking one when I passed a place in Easton yesterday.