Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Race Against Time!

I am trying so hard to get my latest fun, historical-yet-chick-litish novel formatted correctly so that I can upload it to the Amazon Marketplace. It is causing strife. I am following the directions that were oh, so nicely shared by Nina of the Low Country Romance Writers, but every single step of the way is proving difficult. And I can't understand why it's giving me so much trouble.'s the tentative cover, a detail of a John Singer Sargent sketch of Nettie Huxley. She looks like my protagonist, a bit uncomfortable, yet somewhat resigned to her present situation, knowing that tomorrow will be another day that she can once again try to get done what needs to get done. (To save a bunch of people who are marked for murder!)

Tomorrow would be another day for me to try to get this formatting/uploading done, but I'm so far behind in the online class, and as of tomorrow, the coach won't be available!

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  1. I like it! Not sure about the Blackadder font, though.