Sunday, March 11, 2012

Plot Hole More Like a Canyon

In preparing my latest novel, Kismet, for e-publication, I tightened up the spacing (had it at 1.5 for the writing, now it's to none.) And it reads differently. I don't know why.
But right there in Chapter 2, there it is: a really big inconsistency with the rest of the story. I'm going to have to pull the train wreck. Pulling the train wreck won't be so much of a problem, because I know what I'll do in place of it, but it does make me laugh a little (Inside. Way, deep inside.) 
My writing process is very seat-of-the-pants; I don't work with an outline, nor know where the story will take me, much, after I get going. Kismet started off with a kernel of an idea about a woman who is involved in a massive, modern train derailment wreck, in which everyone involved is presumed dead. I'll keep the rest to myself and maybe that will become my next book. But needless to say, beyond the train wreck in Kismet, everything warped and changed and there is no longer a need for that plot device, so as of this afternoon, it'll be gone!

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