Friday, January 30, 2015

Hate the Paint?: License to Play

1. Bought an inexpensive sample pack of Golden Open Acrylics.

2. Tried and failed to paint a simple landscape. And I was trying to COPY someone else's "simple" landscape so it shouldn't have been hard! I am clueless about landscape painting.

3. Had some paint left on the palette: LICENSE TO PLAY

4. Result: Fun little portrait of silent movie star Lillian Gish (with "playful" coloring)

5. Feeling a bit happy about the result of my relaxed, fast-and-dirty Open Acrylic painting, I set out to make a nice, larger, more realistic portrait, based on an old family photo. FAIL. Golden Opens might stay moist longer than traditional acrylics, but I found that they dried and became unworkable pretty darn fast. Too darn fast. My attitude about acrylics remains as it always has.

sooo...I decided that the six little tubes of paint were expendable, and I squirted out more and decided to play, throwing paint at the canvas with abandon, not caring when things looked less than right. Heck--the paint is only going to get chucked to the back of a drawer--might as well use it up!

6. Result: quirky (and slightly unfinished) portrait of that ancestor. The hair on the right got freaky when my dog decided to throw up next to me and I bolted after him.

11" x 14"
..and then the palette was scraped dry, the dog and I ran outside, and I left the painting as is.

Wacky, and possibly up for revision. Lesson learned that I will carry with me when using NICE paints:

Don't be stingy with paint amounts! Don't try to scrape by with "economy sized" dollops of paint. 

and Have Fun!

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