Friday, January 30, 2015

Golden Open Sampler

4" x 6" 
I have hated acrylic paints for a long time, after many failed attempts at painting with them. I always felt like the paint dried on the brush on the way to the painting surface, and I never liked the colors--particularly the greens. Blech.

BUT the other day, on a whim and with a hit-and-run visit to the art store before a doctor's appointment, I bought the little sample pack of Golden Open acrylics. I came home eager to play, and after I unsuccessfully "played" at a little landscape, I played with this little portrait, unconcerned with the actual colors, because I was just using up whatever was left on the palette from my blech landscape attempt.

It was fun. Maybe there is a place for acrylics--especially slower drying ones.

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