Thursday, October 4, 2012

But PARTS of it Look Like Her!

It's pretty weird, how when drawing a portrait, staring your subject, staring at your work, back and forth and for so long and with such intensity, that you don't notice how screwy it actually looks! I made Cassidy sit for me this afternoon.

And when she finally saw her portrait, she had all kinds of reasons why it didn't look like her that I couldn't see...until I scanned it and saw it on the screen. I guess it's the same principle as looking at your work in a mirror, or looking at your work upside-down--that bit of removal that adds objectivity.

Now I can see the ManJaw (not THAT again!), and the upper lip that looks like it's been lifting weights. It's that pumped.

But it does look more like Cassidy than not like Cassidy. And it's from life, not from Vogue! I'll try to persuade her to sit again for me, soon.