Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Another Lesson in Facial Proportions

As a kind of a warm-up to a more detailed drawing, I set out to make a very quick, simple, rough sketch of a woman from a photograph that accompanied her profile in the September issue of Vogue. A nationally-known person, if I'd done a good job, she should be instantly recognizable. 
I stood back and compared my sketch to the photographic portrait, and immediately noticed that my sketch was a bit off in the Proportion Department: my sketch had an over-large chin and an over-wide jaw.

As we age, do our jaws and chins get bigger?

...because the sketch, above, was of Chelsea Clinton, but it looks for all the world (to me) like a well-rested, Good Hair Day version of her mother!

Side note: 
I'd always heard that our earlobes and noses continue to grow, but can I also look forward to a Manjaw?

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