Sunday, August 21, 2016

Here Today, Gone Tonight Part 1

From the heights to the trenches. I submitted two paintings to the art exhibition at the Delaware County Fair, thinking it would be fun to see them hanging amid works by other local painters and photographers. Never even dreaming I might get a ribbon or that I might WIN A PRIZE! (Well, maybe dreaming. Not thinking.)

But there it is, my painting, "Phyllis at Fourteen," with the "Best of Show" ribbon hanging from it and kind of tangled up with a blue "First Prize" ribbon.

Cool, right?
watercolor youth
I wish I'd taken a photo of him framed and matted--he was really quite nice.

All fair exhibitions had to remain in place through the entire fair, but they were to be picked up either after 8pm Saturday night or on Sunday. Ron, on fair duty for his job with Cooperative Extension (at 8pm) last night, picked up my work and put it in a box with some of his things. And then he set the box down for a minute while he looked around for his car. And turned his back.

Big mistake.

Box, paintings, ribbons, check (prize money,) not to mention Ron's stuff...all gone. Someone made off with the box and everything in it.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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