Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Painting Day One, of...Thirty?

So. I signed up for this painting challenge, in which the idea is to paint a new, original work each day throughout September; upload a photo of it to my blog and the challenger's blog; and see all the 780+ paintings done each day, all together.

Not surprisingly, I cannot figure out how to upload to her site and join my brethren painters. 

I'll be posting my daily paintings here, instead.  First up, yesterdays' plein air from behind our home at the farm in Delhi. I wish I'd remembered to photograph this on the "easel" (pochade box,), but I did remember by the time I was carrying it up the hill, so I photographed it on the driveway. Second photo was taken indoors, under a light bulb. I suppose the outdoor light is "truer," but I like the warmer look of the indoor photo. I'll try to use this knew knowledge in the future. 

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