Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Visual Telephone Game, or Image Connectivity

9" x 12" watercolor
This is a watercolor painting of my sister, Carol, painted fast and sloppy from a phone photo. I'm not too happy with it--should have taken my time, but a glance, to me, anyway, she looks like some actress that I couldn't immediately bring to mind,

...until I watched Episode 4 of "Wolf Hall" and saw her! 
This painting of Carol reminds me of Jessica Raines, 

from google image page
 ...BUT not as she is in "Wolf Hall," or in this "candid" shot,

also from Google image page
...BUT as she is in the first season of "Call the Midwife." Are you getting the idea that I watch too much PBS yet? However, now that I see this "Call the Midwife" shot, I am reminded of

8": x 10" oil painting
...THIS painting that I did from an old photo of 
my mother, circa 1940! 

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