Thursday, April 16, 2015

Game of Thrones: So Sad!

9" x 12" watercolor on paper
Hey! You might say. This painting is sooo dated. Arya is much more mature now, in this...5th(?) season?!

The sad, sad truth for me is: I don't have great cable. Frankly, not even good cable, unless you consider being able to watch ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and FOX as good. Oh, yeah. I get the Weather Channel. 

So I read the books and look forward to borrowing the DVDs from the library, and right now, Season 4 is in too much demand to find! Forget about what's going on in the current, HBO (Is it HBO? Maybe it's showtime or something--or that darn STARZ where I have to try to forget that they are showing OUTLANDER which is KILLING ME. KILLING ME.)

But it's Thursday, and so here's a Throw Back Thursday painting of Arya. Available on Etsy for all fans of the early seasons and spunky, sassy Arya.

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  1. Suzy, the one benefit of being away from blogging is seeing the wonderful progress you have made with your work. What a wonderful version of Arya. I haven't watched the series but I have read the books. Tried getting into Outlander book series without success. Is the show really good?? I look forward to more of your watercolors.