Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Alla Prima Interruptas

8" x 10" oil paint on canvas
Here's a problem. I found a woman's photo online somewhere (which is illegal, or unethical? I'm not claiming the ref photo as my own, nor attempting to sell the painting, but I am posting the painting. Hmm.) and began to paint her, alla prima. I intended to finish her in one couple-hour sitting, but was distracted. 

And now I have no idea where to find that photo reference.


  1. Great work! : )
    Could it be this lady?

  2. Hey, Boo! You're right about the resemblance--uncanny! But I recall the woman's name as being something like "Minka.

    1. =Three Things To Try= (if you want to find your Muse)

      1. if you haven't deleted your history then give it a peek...summat might jog your memory

      2. Google image search (and the other image search engines)--use your painting/the name Minka/a combination

      3. Post your art and your 'quest' to find this lady on social media, asking folks to Share
      (people LOVE this kind of thing! long-lost family members have been reunited in real life because of online sharing)

      I feel sure the mystery lady will be tickled pink by your beautiful painting! You never know how many lives you touch when you act in kindness : D

    2. Thank, Boo. I did end up finding my reference. On my computer, under an unspecified name. Can't wait to go back to this little oil sketch and finish her up!

      Thanks for your suggestions, though. It brings to mind a fun challenge idea--painting random people, and then throwing them out their on fb, or on the blog, to see if anyone recognizes them.

      A definite thought for the future!

    3. I'm so glad you found it! :D personally, I have dedicated project files and an inspiration file for things I "can't use yet mustn't lose."
      Still, sometimes one will go wandering...
      I hope you will share the painting when it's finished