Monday, July 28, 2014

Pulling Back to Plunge Ahead

9" x 12" watercolor on paper

Although I'm still excited about the little gouache faces on handmade, colorful paper scraps, and still planing a few more to the series (mainly, because I have a few more scraps left. When they're gone, I might make more,) I took a time out. Here's the result. 

It's not just a face!  

Instead of zeroing in on the face, I pulled back my sights, drew, and then painted this scene from a photo I'd taken of Ron in the barn. Really--he does stick out his tongue and kind of bite on it when he's concentrating.

And HEY! This is my 250th post. I've stuck with this practicing program for a while now.
For my reward, I am taking a one day workshop with Robert O'Brien at the end of August.

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  1. Your art is always getting better and you have a really good blog. It's great to see the progression over time.