Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hey! This is fun!

gouache on paper, paper about 5" x 7" 
Here's another quick and dirty little gouache sketch, done from a reference photo, on paper that I made out of other paper, my kitchen blender, some old window screens, some wooden framing bits, and a couple of dish pans. It's very wrinkly; I don't know why I decided to paint on it. Probably because...color.

Anyway, I do like the quirky result.

And I'm having fun with the gouache! Gouache that I swore I'd never use again, several times over. I wonder how much of a difference better materials would make in the process and in the outcome--the paints used here were a set of Reeves that I picked up for under $100. And that was for 24 tubes!

Without a doubt, smooth paper would make for better results, too, Maybe some nice, richly-colored pastel paper? And if I really wanted to get serious, I could use more than the one brush.

More gouache to come....

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