Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fighting Lighting

drawn with my hunky, don't-even-try-to-add-details, graphite crayon
I've had some success in painting oil sketches based on the works of artists that I admire. I haven't posted any, because it just wouldn't be right. I have attempted to translate that success into painting friends and family members, using available photos as reference. 

The translation has been a fail. 

But as I was watching Sherlock the other night, as usual, thinking about the portrait sketches I might make, later, from paused scenes, it hit me that--Dramatic Lighting!--is important. My photo references, taken with a cheap camera that refuses NOT to flash with every exposure, is thwarting my efforts!

Most of his face hit the paper almost magically, very quickly and without much effort. However, that eye had to be erased and repositioned, and as you can see, the magic had timed out.

Maybe, with concerted effort, I can learn to turn off the flash.

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