Thursday, August 1, 2013

Once Again Sketching in the Dark

small sketchbook, regular old pencil

Last night, Wendy and I went to Tanglewood to see the Mark Morris Dance Group perform.  It was spectacular and moving, and I found the Ozawa Hall venue as beautiful as the music, as beautiful as the dance. 

Before intermission, it was really more of an opera than a dance, with barefoot men in crisp white button-down shirts and spotless white jeans singing and sort-of dancing. Hard to describe, but interesting and aesthetically pleasing.

I had this spread on my lap through the entire opera. Although I didn't look down at the page very often, it is easy to see the progression of drawings--from when there was a little bit of light in the theater (guy behind the music stand) to when it was pitch black (something, top, just left-of-the-fold.)

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