Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Very Happy Reenactor

I haven't yet taken up reenacting anything more than "Lazy Farm Wife." (Oops. No. That's me in reality.) But I've often been tempted, mainly because it's fun to put on a different persona and educate people in things they are interested in--and because of the clothes. Of course, the clothes are also the very thing that keeps me from it. Coming up with the costume.... Cassidy has made many historical costumes, and to see her drape the cloth for cutting (no Simplicity Simple patterns back then; no Singer Simple sewing machines) and pin and pin and sew and sew. And...corsets...need I say more?

But this woman has tried it, and it looks like she's having fun.

I'm loving that foliage!Best foliage I've ever painted!

See the photo inspiration for this watercolor portrait at 
and check out the rest of Kelsey's beautiful photography.

And maybe become inspired to REENACT HISTORY!

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  1. Pin and pin and sew and sew and CRY AND CRY. Don't forget the weeping.

    Taylor can also be found on Etsy and Tumblr.