Sunday, July 14, 2013

Next Time, I'll Bring Color

Great music, great (expensive) "fair food" 
(and drink,) 
and great people watching.

Oh yes. The humanity. The SEA of humanity. Thousands of people, packed into a place that I'm certain should have held half as many. 
I psyched myself up to bring along a sketchbook, and right there amidst the crowd, I sketched some real, live people.

oops. where's her left leg?
Black watercolor pencil, with some NijiPen-wetted washes.
And guess what! No one came over and punched me in the face! 
Next opportunity, I'll do this again, and bring along an array of the watercolor pencils. Or maybe just a couple. I don't want to be too obvious.

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful sketches! I think being a good artist requires learning how to really see things as much as drawing and you are doing both of those things well.