Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Back from the 19th Century

About a week ago, I was getting ready for bed, and listening to a raging thunderstorm and watching lightening flashes that seemed to be getting closer and clos...Yikes! The tree right outside my window snapped off ten feet from the ground and hit the house! 

Well, "skinned" the house. Upon inspection, I found that it only smashed some of the decorative railing on the front porch. AND it took out all kinds of wires, leaving me without power, telephone service, internet and cable. 

Luckily, my summer daytime activities don't require too much in the way of telephones, TV, or internet. I spent the week gardening, scraping paint off the side of my to-be-painted house, and drawing and painting at my desk.

I painted another reenactor, but I really messed her up. She's much prettier than this:

In fact, here's the only portion of the painting that I like.

This ought to teach me to plan ahead better,
 and to keep the paint clean and simple. 

However, my piece-in-progress is showing signs of 
over-fussing already.
More on this guy, later.

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