Thursday, June 27, 2013

Two Takes, or rather, Take & Revision

watercolor in 5" x 8" sketchbook

I took a break from cleaning, weeding and other related School's-Out-Catch-Up-On-Housework yesterday to sketch my front porch. The background is the memorial park across the street. OH how I need to figure out how to draw/paint trees! (Interesting note: My BS is in Forestry, so I know trees. I know a lot about trees. Just can't convincingly portray them.) I am not getting too hung up on it (today) though, because this is just a small, quick, simple sketch.

...but there was a blandness, a lack of...

I think it makes a big difference.

HERE is the work of 
Jamie Williams Grossman, 
who can make trees look like trees.

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