Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Technique & Method" Lesson 6

Lesson 6 starts off beating around the bush, but it stresses efficiency. (Which is really kind of funny.) Use the right tools, the right techniques, and you'll save time. Save yourself from making unnecessary movements. From expending excessive effort. 

and..."Method ...calls upon the mind to determine the best order in which to carry out the various phases of execution."*

and...An artist must know when to use a pencil and when to use charcoal. And then...the details!

1. Use clean paper and mount it (with clips or tape) on a smooth, rigid drawing board. 

2. Slip a couple of sheets of paper between the drawing surface and the smooth, rigid board.

3. Don't slant/tilt the drawing, but keep it straight. 

unattributed drawing found in a Google search

4. And keep your elbows off the [drawing] table! 

5. The softer the pencil, the darker the tone. Beginners should have a soft, an HB and a hard lead pencil.

6. Sharpen carefully.

7. Use an eraser to eradicate mistakes, and hold the paper firmly when erasing.

*p. 15, Learn Art in One Year, by Robert Gerard

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