Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swan Lake Pas de Pitch Dark

My lovely friend Wendy took me to the ballet last night. At
Jacob's Pillow. It's an internationally known dance venue named after...a rock formation? I should read up on it, and my large, glossy, colorful program probably explains it, but the photos of dancers are so lush that I haven't bothered to read the accompanying words, yet.

So. Sitting in absolute darkness, I sketched. Here are some of the wacky, sometimes slightly recognizable results: 

The topmost, rightmost character is actually not bad, for not looking. Roughly in proportion, and sporting the male dancers' butt. (He's not armless! His arms are just straight out.) Poor guy on the left, though--he seems to have lost his arm and it's flying a few feet in front of him.

I like the outstretched arm at the top of this page. Not bad for blind, in a totally scrunched-up way. 

Dancers scribbled on top of dancers: a worthwhile exercise in figure drawing.

And the dancing was pretty nice, too.

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