Monday, June 24, 2013

Snapping out of the Funk

I'm not a General Funk, but I am in an Art Funk. I'm down on my abilities, which makes me put off drawing and painting, which, of course, does not do anything for those abilities...vicious cycle. Gee! If I recognize this, you'd think I'd do something about it. 

I'll post a couple of in-progress shots tomorrow, but for today, let's catch up on Learn Art in One Year!

Lesson 7: Furthering Your Technique.
1. Put some distance between your eyeballs and your drawing surface. Get the "big picture." Step back when painting.

2. Don't hold your pencil or brush like a little kid who's learning cursive--loosen up and back away from the point.

3. Use your whole arm, wrist, hand rather than just your fingers.

Good, concrete advise. This book and these lessons may not be the object of snarkery that was my original intent.

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