Sunday, June 9, 2013

Everything at Once!

So much craziness lately! All I can say is, events, commitments, occurrences, medical's all happening RIGHT NOW, and not leaving much time for art, which should be evident in the way my posts have slowed down. However, I did find a moment to work on a little sketch at the farm, this morning. 
6" x 7", pencil in sketchbook. wish I'd had some colors with me.

It was actually therapeutic. I was trying to forget about off the recent discovery that the small crunching sounds that woke me up were not the pitter-patter of squirrels in the attic, but rather MY DOG EATING FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS WORTH OF HEARING AIDS. 

Yes. My husband's hearing aids, which had been on the bedside table, were in little pieces on the floor. Under the bed. In the dog's mouth. Handsome thinks that some parts are salvageable. 
don't let the wide-eyed innocent look fool you. lift the chin and you find hearing aids.

One of the things I love about the man--he's an optimist.

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