Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rituxan: It Might Be Working

A month after Rituxan infusion #1, and two weeks after infusion #2, and I am feeling sort of like a healthy person! I should probably be charting this...which will not happen, but this post (or series of such) will serve as documentation for future reference. 

Many of my Sjogren's Syndrome manifestations have lessened, my eyes have not felt like they've just been squirted with acid or blasted with sand. My nose has not been uncomfortably dry; my breathing, comfortable.* My mouth, always super-dry, has been incrementally less so, my lips only sticking to my teeth...well...less than the norm. 

I still cannot swallow even the smallest bite of food without a liquid chaser, though. That gets scary. Often.

It could be that it's warmer (although this weekend certainly wasn't!) and that it's been humid, but things are looking up, and for the moment, I am giving Rituxan the credit. Further monitoring ahead.

*The extreme dryness extends right down my nose/mouth and into my lungs.

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