Saturday, May 25, 2013

Plastic Surgery with Scissors and Tape


I have once again been attempting to paint a self-portrait, and it hasn't been going well. Here's the latest* version, as of last night:
One of my eyeballs really is higher than the other. (Maybe by not this much.) Doctors are always thinking "Myasthenia Gravis," but I don't believe any tests have indicated this, so it's just benign asymmetricality. 

However, it doesn't look like me. It does look a little bit like 
Mary Whyte, the Watercolor Master who's work holds central position in the altar of Those I Admire. Cassidy was quick to point out my problem: proportional issues. (And overly-thin lips.)

I set out, with scissors, to do what I could.
The result does look like me. Me, when I stand behind electrical fencing, gazing at livestock while dressed for dinner. The eye asymmetry is even a little closer to reality!

*Actual "latest version" is the little full-figure-on-a-stool to the left.

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