Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lesson 5-How top Observe + Medical Asides

In lesson five of Learn Art in a Year, we are instructed to "avoid the impulse to copy" and to really, really  observe and quantify...and while observing, to relate the shapes that we see to simple shapes, like squares, rectangles, and so on. To COMPARE. Compare is a big word in this lesson, as we are to compare the proportions shapes of the various simplified geometric shapes that objects (a figure, the objects in a still life, etc.) are made up of, as we draw them.

It's a pretty straightforward lesson.

I had my second in the series of two Rituxan infusions the other day, and it went well. The only immediate noticeable effects were that I was high-strung that afternoon/evening (result of the steriod, methodext--something) and for a couple of days afterward my skin hurt--slightly--to the touch. Oh--and now I kind of seem to be coming down with a cold, likely due to the suppression of my immunity to anything, including myself. Oh #2--and in an unrelated medical topic, I have apparently dislodged and lost one of my punctal plugs but not noticed it, which sort of indicates that they are/were not helping out too much.

Back to ART: Stay tuned for my new attempt at a self-portrait, in the works at this moment. I'd really like to get this down, but staring at myself is oh, so freaky!

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