Saturday, March 9, 2013

Watercolor Portrait

I have decided that it would be a sweet luxury to have a spacious work table in comfortable proximity to a computer monitor. 
oh, dear. wrinkles (of the paper) add the
two parallel shadows that aren't really there.
Handsome was leaving for a few days of syrup-making at the farm, so I snapped a photo before he took off. I painted this while sitting in front of the computer screen, on the very small portion of the old drop leaf table where the keyboard usually rests. Insufficient space for spreading out the paper and the painting paraphernalia!

Not saying that he would have come out better with more space--(he'll come out better with more practice!)--but more space would be nice.

In related news, I am about to leave the house for a six hour "Alla Prima Portraits" workshop at the Saratoga Arts Center. I am severely intimidated. 

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