Monday, March 4, 2013

watercolor mini #1

Liz and Gid gave me the most wonderful gift this Christmas: a very generous Blick certificate! I didn't spend it for a while, because I was having too much fun perusing the catalog and the online catalog, considering what to buy. I made my purchase a week ago, and now I own a Sennelier watercolor pan set (18 colors!) and a small bunch of nice Blick Studio Synthetic brushes.


It's been fun learning my way around these new materials. I haven't jumped into anything serious, but I have made this little sketch of a child from a Sargent painting, among other things.
the haze above her head is the remnant of her pointy conehead

I could do this all day.

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  1. Very nice Suzy! Looks like watercolor is a good medium for you.