Monday, March 18, 2013

It's not that I've been lazy...'s the oil paint, really. Can't slap the piece on the scanner like you can with a watercolor or a drawing. 

About as soon as I got home from my Saturday (last week) Alla Prima Portraits workshop, I set about to practice. I practiced, first, on Cassidy. And the results were not terrible! She is fairly recognizable! 

Then I became very bold, bringing up my fb photo and rendering the beginnings of a self portrait. These lack the "freshness" of a couple of my recent watercolor portraits, but I'll reserve judgment until I've worked more on both techniques.

Before I could finish, I left for the farm, where I spent the very cold weekend. 

And Riley found a favorite spot on the old couch. Is he portrait fodder? Not anytime soon, although I'm sure all that white might be a fun challenge. 

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