Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I am unavoidably separated from my Handsome Husband today, because the temps call for tapping. No--he's not a dancer. It's maple sap season (or almost) in the Northeast, and time to tap the trees, run the lines that need repair, and clean up the sap house for some syrup-making!
I'll be going down to the farm for belated Valentine's Day fun this weekend. Maybe I'll even get him to sit for yet another portrait attempt. But for now, here's an unfinished sketch of another of my favorite Valentines.
I think I'll sit in front of the wood stove tonight and even up her big and small eyeballs (WHOA there, why didn't I notice THAT craziness until it was on the computer screen? Remember Bloom County and Bill the Cat--Aack!) add some dark values, narrow up her mushy jawline, and fix this thing up a bit. Yes, Honey, I will make you look prettier--more like you!


  1. My jawline pretty mushy on its own. :(

    1. ...but not like the above! That's you, if you had mumps...and a bulging eyeball. Watch for modifications!