Monday, February 11, 2013

Fresh Perspective

Viewing a possibly-finished painting upside down, checking a sketch in the mirror...add "scanning and viewing on the computer monitor" to the list of ways you can get a fresh perspective on your artwork. I sketched Miss Demi/Audrey/Only/Younger from a magazine ad, and then scanned her in and looked at her...
...and made a few observations that I hadn't made pre-scan.
I should:

1. Go darker! 
Amp up the contrast, but don't lose mid-tones in the process. 
In doing so, I might;
2. Make her look more soft and rounded where she ought to be. Also;
3. Pay more attention to the direction of my shading marks, 
unless I;
4. Work more "softly" and delineate shapes of shades instead of cross-hatches. 
Oh. And 5. Shave a bit off of her left, top lip (on the right.) But that's minor compared to the technique stuff.

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