Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bleu Cheese and Backlighting

Cassidy has had a bit of a car problem, so I picked her up from her internship at the museum last night. We took my fistful of coupons  from the Sunday paper to Wendy's, and I ordered a cobb salad. Did you know that a cobb salad has bleu cheese in it? I didn't pay that much attention to the description, so I did not know this.

It had bleu cheese in it. LOTS of bleu cheese, in fact, I do believe that there was more bleu cheese than lettuce in the bowl. Yuck! Mold! I do a little cringe every time I open a bag of clay that has visual mold in it, and all I have to do there is touch it, not eat it. Mold serves to increase the clay's plasticity, which gives me a little "good outweighs the bad" feeling, but mold and me are still not friends.

BUT...visible mold in food=double blech! I will read the descriptions more carefully when I order food from now on.

And on the art front, I've been playing with watercolors. I started this watercolor of a portion of my living room. 
I'm having a couple of problems with this.
1. It's not in the same room as my painting setup, so I have to walk over, memorize the view, and then walk back into another room to set brush to paper. Stupid!
2. Mud!

But as always, I am learning. And I like the plant on the table.


  1. I think this is a wonderful exercise for developing your visual memory, Suzy. Not stupid in the least. My favorite part is the way you've captured the cloth draping off the chair.

  2. Thanks. I like your positive spin!