Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yet Another W-I-P: Crematorium of Doom!

...and I'm of a mind to let the last W-I-P (most recent post, just below this one) stand as completed. Maybe. Most of the time when I revisit a piece that I like, I don't do it any favors.

So here's today's work in progress, the crematorium in Troy. Really! I've taken Capital-L-Liberties with the perspective, just for fun. Seeing work on the screen always helps me to see it in a different light, and if this is to speak its intended message, I have to darken the mood, hence, the color scheme, considerably.

watercolor on paper

Whether or not it's in my best interest, 
I am just about to go back to work on this one...right NOW!

1 comment:

  1. Hello Suzy,

    I really think your recent run of archeticural paintings are very good. I know there are a few perspective lines off on the "Crematorium of Doom!" ... but I like the dramatic nature of this one best. It lends itself to more of a narrative than the other one. You've done a great job with the contrast of warm and cool colors.