Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WIP: Is a House a Landscape?

In what sometimes seems to be my ongoing quest to jump from one thing to another and never master anything but take a stab at everything, I've been working on a couple of landscape-ish paintings.

roughly 10" x 18", watercolor on USGS topo map on mat board
This is my house, in the Village of Greenwich, New York (not to be confused with Greenwich Village, New York) as portrayed in watercolor, on a topographic map. "Homer" is actually a town closer to where I came of age, across the Hudson and west of here, and not at all where I live now. But I liked that it said "HOME(r)" right on my roof--get it?! 

This is likely completely non-archival. The old topo map, one of a handful being tossed out after a library book sale, was Mod-Podged onto a piece of mat board, and then drawn on and painted on. 

It's not done, yet. Updates ahead.


  1. Wow, Mom, that looks really amazing! I'm Tumblring this.

    1. But it's not finished! (Then again, you know how I tend to wreck things by over-finishing them, so maybe it's at it's optimal point, as is.)

  2. This is awesome and a mind-blowingly cool idea. (But the "Homer" is my favorite. Nicely played.)