Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quick and Dirty

As I have previously stated, I am not supremely at ease with 2D media. But that's no reason not to have a go at it! Here are two "quick and dirty" humanoid-types in my sketchbook, which is clearly not the kind of sketchbook you're supposed to use with water media.
Yes, buckling all over the place.

Gouache on the left, transparent watercolor washes on the right. These should probably not see the light of day or assault your retinas, but each was fun, and good practice; on each one I allowed myself the freedom to experiment. (I never thought I'd ever crack open the gouache box again...but I'm reconsidering that!*)

*Thanks to Illustrator Brian Burgess and his revelation (to me, anyway) that they can dry and then be re-hydrated with a drop of water. This helped me out IMMENSELY. Brian, THANK YOU.

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