Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Hugh Year

...and of course, Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve found us at the movie theater, enjoying
Les Miserables. Having been a Les Mis junkie for many years, I was more than happy at the news that a film version was being made, and then over-the-top happy when I heard that Hugh Jackman was going to portray Jean Valjean. Singing, dancing, hunky Hugh. What could be better?

So despite negative comments I've heard and read about things like Russell Crowe's acting, Russell Crowe's singing, lyrics being changed and things being left out, and Russell Crowe, in general, I give it a hearty thumbs up. It was a visual feast, it was moving (sniffling and sobs could be heard as the movie neared it's dramatic ending, and tears would have been flowing down my face if I had working lacrimal glands,) poignant, but not overly-so to my sensibilities, and it did not depart in crazy ways from either the book or the stage version.

Les Mis had me. 
It had Colm Wilkinson, a treat for the ears and the sentiments.  
And hey--it had Hugh.


  1. Yes Hugh shows his actor's chops as well as powerful voice...loved Les Mis! Shopkeepers Sasha and Helena provided comic relief. Our local theater was packed full of fans.

    1. The Saratoga Springs theater was packed, as well. And yes, Helena and Sasha were every bit as funny as the actors who played those parts on Broadway, although they played it differently!